My name is Marika Paschoud; I am an english dog trainer and dog behaviorist in Lausanne, canton de Vaud with a 10 years experience.  I have had dogs and cats all my life. I have followed courses (practical and theoretical) on canine and feline education & behaviour, and also accumulated a very complete library (books and DVDs) on dog and cat behaviour. (See below in green for cats).

This way I have been able to select and assemble the best practical tips on canine education and dog behavior (behaviour). Also clicker and clicker training.

In my pet school I will coach you with a calm, simple and effective method, so that your dog will desire to work with you. My method respects the dog and uses the dog's natural reactions. It will be effective and gentle with the following educational problems:

  • puppy training, puppy behaviour
  • dog training, dog behavior
  • failing to obey, failing to return when called
  • nervoussness, nervous dog
  • puppy or dog toilet training
  • destructive behaviour
  • dog who pulls on the lead (leash)
  • jumping up
  • problems with other dogs
  • persistent barking
  • dog behaviour problems, etc....
  • I do not do collective puppy classes, or collective dog classes
  • Mandatory, obligatory courses

If you apply my dog training method consistently, you will have a well behaved dog, who will listen to you, and above all who will trust you.

MENTALCHAT: As I have a lot of experience with cats, I can help you with the following problems: litter problems, intercat feuds, agression, anxiety, furniture scratching, behaviour problems etc...

Curriculum vitae: Marika Paschoud, dog coach and behaviourist:

    • PROFILE 1: dog training, OVF obligatory, mandatory courses in Lausanne & canton de Vaud
    • PROFILE 1+: listed dog training (CPD)
    • PROFILE 2: dangerous dog training, behaviour therapy                                                                                     
  • 20 minutes, le 23.02.21:

  • 2020: Upgrade 118/Puppies 02-2020: pratical training (FRC)

  • 2016: labeled by the FRC: Dog Training Certification by the Fédération Romande de Cynologie

  • "Coaching in Cat Behaviour" certificate, in Dr. Joël Dehasse'course in 2015

  • current cats: 1 singapura, 1 siamese, 1 british longhair and 1 scottishfold, they are my eighth, ninth, tenth and eleventh cats
  • MEC/OSAV diploma in dog training, 12.04.15. Profile 1, profile 1+, and profile 2 (see above)

  • "Problem resolution in the family dog" conference, Dr. Joël Dehasse in 2014
  • « Do as I do » course,  Claudia Fugazza in 2013
  • « Dogs talk to us » conference,  Tony Knight, Jan Fennell’s son, theory in 2013 and practice in 2014, 2015 & 2018
  • MEC/B diploma, 02.03.2013
  • certificate training with Mr. Charly Agustoni
  • current dogs : 2 female french bulldogs, 1 female chihuahua, they are my sixth, seventh and eigth dogs
  • member of the « Cyno la Meute » club committee since 2013
  • Jan Fennell « Dog Listener » diplomas in:  Foundation Course in 2013, Advanced Course in 2014, Graduate Course in 2015

  • member of the « Cyno la Meute » club from 2012-2016 and member of the comity from 2013-2016
  • « Clicker » course, Cynopsis level 2, in 2012
  • « Capture the dog’s good behaviour » conference,  Isabelle Charlet, Cynopsis in 2012
  • « Coaching in Dog Behaviour » diploma,  in Dr. Joël Dehasse's course in 2012 and 2013

  • « Training behaviour and rehabilitation of the family dog »,  Jacinthe Bouchard in 2012
  • « Nutrition and training » conference,  Dr. Pascal Chaubert in 2012
  • « Clicker » course,  Cynopsis level 1, in 2011
  • training with Mr. Paul Vacanti for ten lessons
  • « The essential bases of education » conference,  Isabelle Charlet, Cynopsis, in 2011
  • member of the CRBF (French speaking Club of the French Bulldog)
  • member of the CSPP since 1995 (Swiss Club of the Papillon and Phalene spaniels)
  • previous member of the CSCKCS in 1992 (Swiss Club of the Cavalier and King Charles Spaniel)
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