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Trouvez votre cours chien, aussi à domicile, ou votre cours chiot, le tout  en éducation canine  personnalisée!  Ce sont des cours privés (aussi en anglais) pour eduquer votre chien ou chiot, sur Lausanne et canton de Vaud:
Ensuite  inscrivez au bas de cette page, vos commentaires concernant Marika Paschoud, votre éducateur pour chien certifié, agréé par le canton de Vaud. Aussi coach canin, dresseur canin et comportementaliste chien. Brevet MEC (moniteur éducation canine).

Marika Paschoud is your dog education trainer, also gives puppy course and dog class in house training and uses Jan Fennell and Joel Dehasse methods. She will unravel dog nature for you. Write your comment at the end of this page.

Veronika and Jérome said:
 September 30th, 2016 7:09 pm

Marika has done a great job with our 10 month old Dachshund Anton. At the first meeting in our home she identified quickly that he took on the role of dominant pack leader in our household. As a result he was barking a lot and difficult to control in certain situations (in restaurants, walking on the leash, staying at home alone etc.). Marika gave us very simple, but effective tips to teach him again that he can rely on us to be the leaders, so he himself could relax and follow our commands. She showed us the tips herself, but most importantly watched us apply them with Anton until we got the desired results. What we appreciated the most was that Marika was never judging us for having made mistakes in Anton's training, but focused on giving us confidence for the future with very hands on advice. She had a very calm and gentle manner with Anton. He also stayed 1 weekend in pension with her, where he received further training from her. So far we did 2 sessions with Marika, one in our home and one in a restaurant, where for the first time in ages we were able to enjoy a meal without Anton interrupting us. We've seen huge progress already and will continue to apply the tips we learnt. We highly recommend Marika and send her a BIG thank you for the help she gave us!! 

Ildiko Farkas said:   May 21st, 2016 6:37 pm

Thanks to Marika we were able to show our dog, Lucky, whose the real boss in the house. He used to be the alpha dog, but now he listens to us and takes commands much easier than before. Her tips and techniques have stopped him from pulling on the leash whenever we walk him and now going on walks with him is actually fun. Now we have a real gentleman as a dog. Thank you so much! I definitely would recommend you to anyone who needs help with their pet. 
Miserez Bolis said:   May 20th, 2016 8:32 pm

Chère Madame, Nos 2 bichons matais vous doivent une fière chandelle, effectivement une de nos voisines se plaignait que nos chiens la dérangeait en aboyant sans arrêt.... d'après elle.... Mais maintenant, notre petite troupe a enfin des maîtres qui savent comment les calmer, grâce à vos cours, vos conseils et votre attention. Merci de tout cœur ! Nous vous recommandons chaleureusement à toutes les personnes intéressées par une prise en charge de votre part. À très bientôt au marché !!! 
Marie Luginbühl said:   May 10th, 2016 10:33 pm

Chère Madame, après seulement deux cours, je revis! Jazz n'aboie plus et reste seul dans le jardin! C'est un nouveau départ pour nous deux, et j'en vous serais à jamais reconnaissante! Mille merci😍😍
Christine Selmoni said:   February 18th, 2016 10:08 pm

Chère Madame Merci pour votre gentillesse et vos précieux conseils !! Je vous recommande fortement !!
Marian said:   November 25th, 2015 5:11 pm

Dear Marika, Thanks to all your tips and training, Luna, our little Spanish stray dog, has gained so much more confidence (and me as well in handling her!). Now she approaches other dogs with a much more open mind and even plays with them occasionally, where before she would just aggressively bark at them. She also perfectly learned that she shouldn't be pulling when on the lead, but needs a reminder now and then :-). I really enjoyed our training sessions, the long walks and the conversations we had! I will definitely recommend you to all my friends who need a dog trainer. Kind regards, Marian

Kirsten said:   October 11th, 2015 1:07 pm

Thank you so much to Marika for all her work with our dog and with us! We worked with Marika one year ago and she gave us great strategies for becoming the alpha in the house, like pretending to eat his food before we gave it to him. This year we worked on walking in busy areas, with lots of dogs and children. At first, Newton was barking and seemed scared, which makes him seem aggressive. After our second session he was walking happily and we had lots of strategies to help him when we met other dogs. It was a real pleasure to work with Marika. She helped me as a dog owner and allowed me to relax and not let my worries/stress affect the dog. Thank you!
Paola Poux Doglione said:   April 23rd, 2015 3:17 pm

Chère Madame, un grand merci pour les heures et votre gentillesse passées avec Willow et moi. J'ai beaucoup appris, et surtout à prendre du recul et de l'humour face à la situation où nous étions mon toutou et moi. Et je continue ce que vous m'avez enseigné!
Nicole Pittet said:   March 31st, 2015 2:16 am

Que de précieux conseils vous m'avez fait partager lors de nos rencontres. Nora est et je crois resteras craintive et méfiante, mais même si je n'applique pas chaque jour, sitôt un rappel et tout revient très vite. Je suis très contente de ses réactions aux sollicitations demandées . Elle est adorable et rempli nos vies de bonheur. Mille mercis.
Maude said:   March 11th, 2015 8:04 pm

Bonjour Marika :) Rufus et moi faisons des progrès et essayons d'appliquer quotidiennement au mieux vos précieux conseils ! Encore un grand merci pour votre aide et votre gentillesse, Au plaisir pour une ballade canine en ville
Christina Cain said:   February 20th, 2015 2:37 am

What a wonderful, happy, kind person Marika is. As I'm sure most dog-owners can relate to, our "Cleo" is our pride and joy. We love her dearly and consider her to be a member of the family. Her behaviour in general is fine... except... with other dogs!! Cleo was attacked numerous times as a puppy and young dog - often by smaller dogs - and since then, has had a visceral dislike of them. Marika is so dedicated in the work she does, and ever so patient. She works with the dog as much as she works on the owner(s), teaching behaviours that allow us, as the owners, to become the pack leader. What I most appreciate about Marika's methods is that they make eminent sense, are easy to apply, and totally doable. Marika has been so good about encouraging us, truly working with our dog, and working with us to get everyone on the right path. I highly recommend Marika to anyone needed guidance and help with working with their dog. She is an absolute joy to work with, a lovely person, and a true dog lover. Our dog loves her!
Florence Dubois said:   July 7th, 2013 5:55 pm

Il y a quelques mois nous avons adopté notre petite chienne beagle "Sylla". Quel bonheur pour nous et nos 2 enfants, et puis tout est devenu difficile!!! Toute les nuits notre chienne faisait ses besoins dans notre salon, nous ne pouvions pas partir sans que ce soit "la fin du monde pour Sylla " et elle s'est enfuie plusieurs fois sans pouvoir la rappeler ! Nos avons rencontré Marika qui est venue à la maison plusieurs heures afin d'étudier le comportement de notre chienne dans son environnement. Et là miracle depuis tout va bien, nous avons trouvé la chienne de nos rêves ! Merci 
Olivier said:   June 12th, 2013 1:11 am

Merci de m'avoir accordé de votre temps lors de votre visite pour me donner de bons conseils et les mettre en pratique. Depuis votre passage j'ai trouvé un certain équilibre dans ma relation avec saphyr qui reste certes fragile mais c'est deja un grand progres etant donné son handicap! Ca m'encourage a continuer... Encore merci
Lena Davison said:   June 9th, 2013 8:07 pm

Merci beaucoup pour ton aide efficace avec notre Shira. Grace à ton observation professionnelle de son comportement et pratique calme et efficace avec elle, nous avons toutes pu voir des résultats étonnantes chez notre chienne! Carry on the good work! 


Freddy Monney said:   August 6th 2014 4:37 pm

Chère Madame, il a suffi d'une heure à écouter vos conseils et de les mettre immédiatement en pratique pour que notre Garçon (sans jeu de mots) soit le plus merveilleux des chiens. Il règne maintenant un calme autour de la maison que parfois je me demande si mon Garçon est toujours dans son parc. Un grand merci ! Waouh !


Kaech Daniel said:       February 2nd 2015 18:27

Heute toller Kurs ! Auf Deutsch und Französisch! Nun verstehe ich meinen Hund und Meine Fehler . Danke für die erste Hilfe 


Fritz Grimmelmann said:   February third 2015  10:19

Chère Marika our life is beginning to change, thank you for your help even only after one lesson! Even not being a newcomer in dog educating, your explanations rich in simple understanding how it works the best, with your a la carte lessons is just what we needed ! Happy to see you for more lessons , thanks Marika a great job! kindly regards Fritz