You need a good dog, a perfect dog?

My method is instinctively understood by dogs and puppies (of all breeds), because it is based on the dog's natural education by its mother, and it uses the dog's own means of communication. This way your dog will be very receptive to my method. I will teach you simple tricks that will enable you to be understood by your dog. This is why I work with the dog, but also with the owner. For cats see below (in blue).

My gentle method works for the following problems and for deaf dogs:

 failing to obey, failing to return when called / puppy education, puppy behaviour / puppy or dog toilet training / dog training / dog behavior / nervousness, nervous dog / destructive behaviour / dog who pulls on the lead (leash) / jumping on people / problems with other dogs / persistent barking / dog behaviour problems /  etc... / I do not do collective puppy classes / compulsory courses.

I also do compulsory dog classes in private lessons.

MENTALCHAT: For cats I use their own body language, a good knowledge of their needs to recreate a habitat which calms them; and their natural behaviour to recreate peaceful relationships between cats, and cats and their owners.

Dog school, Dog class Costs:  

- I tutor (private dog lessons in English) for an hour approximately at the time. The one hour dog course costs 80.- + mileage costs.

If I have to treat separation anxiety, the lesson lasts longer and costs 100.- + mileage costs.

Please phone me if you have any other questions: 079 440 06 80, Marika Paschoud, dog teacher.

-Mileage (I am based in Savigny, above Lausanne, canton de Vaud), and cover Lausanne and the whole of canton de Vaud. For cats I cover the whole french speaking areas of Switzerland:

I charge 1,90.- SF per kilometer, for example:   Savigny-Epalinges= 15.- / Savigny-Vevey= 40.-                                                                                       Savigny-Montreux= 50.- / Savigny-Morges= 50.-

The  private session will last approximatively  1 hour (or longer if necessary), and will take place in the family home or where you walk your dog; that is where dog and owner are the most comfortable. I will see how your dog interacts with you, and will coach your dog and bring you personalized and adapted solutions for you and your dog. These solutions will all be installed during the session. I will also bring all the material needed (extremely palatable titbits, halti, dog games, harnasses etc...). You will then be able to easily exercise these solutions in your home, and later outside your home.

The goal of this first session is to have more of an impact on your dog's education, by bringing in all the changes at once. Thus the dog who lives in the present, will adapt itself to this new situation.

My dog coaching method ameliorates, in a calm and simple way, your communication with your dog. He will understand you better, see you in a different light and will trust you more. Therefore he will always wish to work for you.